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Planning and Strategy Development

    The upsurge of journals, books, and the proliferation of online knowledge on HR transformation give a menagerie of ideas as to how human resources must be managed in today's narrowing returns. However, none of them really give the sort of enlightenment required for sustainability in this age of frugality. Even though this should be of paramount concern to most organizations, very little has been done to assess the many dimensions of human resource investments — particularly in the public sector.

    The assistance that we provide involve more than giving ideas. We help define the vision, the mission and the objectives, of the organization, because HR Transformation is not just about the HR Department, it is definitely not about focusing on just one dimension of keeping critical talents — it is about forward planning, preparing for the future needs, and aligning human resources with the goals and intended trajectory of the organization.

    Our focused approach to HR Transformation centers around supply, availability, and utilization of talents, as well as the risks and financial benefits of changing the practices, the procedures, and the organizational culture. We provide...

  • Customized guidelines for efficient resource allocation based on business needs
  • Analysis of financial benefits
  • Measurement of risks
  • Determining the competencies required today and forecasting the competencies that will be required 10 years from now, as technology, new discoveries, and changing regulations are considered
  • Determining new sources of talents — by organic growth and by synthetic addition

Capacity and Readiness

    Strategic business issues goes beyond the ability to financially sustain any compensation programs. Of course, budgetary concerns as driven by external forces such as voters, citizens, Board Members, and State Legislature are still paramount among everything else still, issues like organizational culture and fundamental philosophies that describe the organizational belief are both strategic in nature that must be addressed when developing strategies for transformation.

Baseline Opportunity

    As with all the other engagements we take, it is our practice to analyze the clients' written HR policies and HR procedures, and Score Cards. From these literature, a client’s Baseline Opportunity Profile is developed. A Baseline Opportunity Profile contains initial data and information that pertains to the client’s resource capacity such as, technical skills, tools, and infrastructure in which change can be implemented.

Midcourse Corrections

    We provide a carefully designed implementation roadmap that sequences all planned activities, thus making allowances for building organization acceptance. The implementation roadmap and readiness capacity analysis provide a picture of execution capabilities while balancing execution risks with speed to benefits.

    The need to make corrections somewhere in the middle of an implementation phase is accomodated within the UM Global HR's roadmap for implementation. Our roadmap for implementation ensures that all activities are grounded in the original Scope of Work of the engagement. All road-blocks are identified and discussed, as we articulate the large-scale vision of the project.