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Informal Networks

    Utilizing the Magus Networker Solution, "Networker" to document and analyze an organization's informal networks, we follow through on initiatives that focus on areas of customer service improvement and productivity improvement by tapping into the informal structures of the organizations. The "Networker" or the "Magus Toolbox" solutions are intellectual properties of Magus Toolbox Ltd, London, United Kingdom, which holds the copyright there too.

Informal Networks Are...

  • Used for developing innovative solutions to institution-wide performance challenges
  • Used for stimulating and facilitating change process that continue after the primary intervention
  • Used for planning and developing workforce capacity
  • Used for developing problem resolution strategies
  • Used for restructuring initiatives

Exactly What Are Informal Networks?

  • Informal Networks are an organization's unofficial structure made up of groups of people from accross the organization. They get things done fast by bypassing the formal hierarchy and structure.
  • They can also stand as major hindrances that block all or any organizational intiatives.
  • There are two most common types of informal networks: The INFLUENCERS and the BLOCKERS.