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Our Project Management Approach

    UM Global HR utilizes 5 basic steps that cover all the project tasks required to complete a project. These steps resonate with the clients' desired sequence of events. These include:

  • (1) Due Diligence
  • (2) Review of the current pay plans
  • (3) Review of Pay Equity
  • (4) Preparation of Implementation Plan
  • (5) Implementation
  • The purpose of our due diligence is to describe the scope and approach, determine the resources needed, and create a high-level plan for implementation. This phase set the stage for the implementation of the project. Input is solicited largely from the clients' project sponsors and project committees and from other relevant stakeholders.

Project Kick-Off

    In this stage we typically meet with the Clients' HR personnel and the Committee (if there is one) , to introduce the team UMGHR and to provide a presentation describing our approach and the timeframe (2) It is also in this stage where we discuss and learn all historical issues affecting employee compensation at the client's side of the hosue.

Implementation Roadmap

    UM Global HR provides our clients with multi-year strategy implementation roadmap that includes financial impact on an annual basis. The financial impact analysis typically include (but not limited to): 1. Sustainability analysis that include compounding salary increases 2. Calculations of CSGR (Compounded Salary Growth Rate) 3. Future Value of today’s investment on salary structure change 4. Cost – Benefits Analysis 5. Timing of pay actions .

    The roadmap for implementation will ensure that all activities are grounded in the original Scope of Work.

Readiness Capacity Assessment

    A carefully designed implementation roadmap that sequences all plan activities, making allowances for building organization acceptance and execution capabilities is provided by UM Global HR. We identify all road-blocks and we discuss them with the clients. We articulate the large-scale vision and we demonstrate how the plan will move our clients toward the future state desired.