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T R A I N I N G • W O R K S H O P S

    Objectives Of Our Training

    For manager’s and other employees to gain full understanding of their own organization's Compensation Philosophy, Compensation Strategy, and the relation of such elements with performance.

    For the HR Team to become familiar with the Point Factor Job Evaluation and Job Classification procedures.

    For the employees to learn the strategic importance of linking Performance, Factor Scores, Market Data, and Pay Plans

    Curriculum For Training

    Depending on the client's needs and learning objectives, we typically customize our training curriculum. We also utilize our pre-written knowledge assessment and post-training assessment to ascertain the depth of customization needed.

    Delivery Medium

    We typically deliver our training in classroom and chevrom setups. Some clients prefer online learning, so we also provide web-based learning solutions that are moderated and led online.

    Training Contents

    Because some organizations require non-customized trainng, our standard training materials can be delivered both online and in-person. The standard training include:

  • Steps in Defining Compensation Philosophy

  • Steps in Determining Appropriate Labor Market
  • Identifying Hard-to-fill Positions
  • Collecting Data
  • Creating Market Composites
  • Calculating Measures of Variability
  • Integrating Market with Internal Structure
  • Analyzing Internal Equity
  • Addressing Compensation Issues