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Due Diligence

    Due diligence is a procedure carried out by UM Global HR to provide its clients with opportunities to review resources and potential liabilities in detail. This procedure is a crucial step prior to making firm commitment to move on with a project or a potential investment.

Why Conduct Due Diligence?

    We conduct due diligence to provide our clients with material facts that shape the outcome of any initiatives. We assess the levels of risks in business decisions that typically involve strategic business alliances, mergers and acquisitions, or when a sizeable project is being considered. We ensure our clients are comfortable that all material information presented by potential business allies accurately reflect the resources, benefits and liabilities of the initiatives.

Due Care

    After all the risks are documented by us, and their levels or severity determined, we work with our clients to develop practical measures and strategies to prevent, control, abate, and mitigate the risks. In the process of providing due care, UM Global HR puts the highest priority on the importance of a "collaborative approach". A collaborative approach is important in defining reasonable expectations and acceptability of measures and strategies put in place to mitigate risks. Moreover, stakeholder participation helps in determining the significance of estimated risks in absolute and comparative terms.

Financial Analysis

    We provide financial analysis in terms of costs to repair or mitigate risks. We compare the level of risks established in the due diligence part, with established criteria or best practices. We provide project valuation, cost/benefit analysis, as well as break-even point analysis as part of our efforts to shed light on the economic impact an outsourcing or a M & A initiative would generate. Funding options for response and recovery are also discussed with our clients with a view to deciding whether the risks of outsourcing is acceptable, or whether transferring or diversifying the risks is more viable for the situation.

Project Dashboard

    Our project dashboard technology is provided to clients for the purpose of maintaining transparency into the project's activities. This is offered as part of our Due Care process. Clients can view the status of the project online, provide comments through the blog section of the dashboard, peruse FAQ sections that provides information about the project, and view the project's cost allocation. The type of information that can be published on the dashboard is customizable and access levels can be defined according to the client's policies and practices.