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  • Compensation

    Strategic & Sustainable

    UM Global HR utilizes contemporary tools and methodology that blends the process of external and internal valuation of jobs.

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  • Job Classification

    Fair, Honest, Scientific

    Developed by a Cognitive Psychologist and a CCP/SPHR Certified HR Professional, UMGHR's method is objective, scientific, and justifiable.

    We can take any payplans and convert them into a hierarchical structure based on levels of work complexities and then align them with appropriate organizational structures..

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    Informal Networks

    Through Magus Toolbox®, we use scientific methods unique to Human Capital Development and HR Practices.

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Between Goals Defined and Goals Achieved, There is the How and the How Fast

The 'how' requires reflections of the past, the 'how fast' requires analysis of capacity to implement.

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Working With UM Global HR's Experts

Our Qualified Consultants Are:

  • Highly Experienced (30+ Years)
  • Certified SPHR, CCP, & Quality Auditors
  • Degree Holders

UMGHR Strategic Approach To Projects Includes...

  • Project Delivery System
  • Financial Impact Analysis
  • Training and Documentation for Program Sustainability
One of the strengths that we bring to our clients' projects is our technique in research. We mobilize our resources and vast networks to gather data at rapid fashion, utilize our business intelligence database, perform data analysis and data validation using statisticians' eye for details.

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